Ep 56. Finding Solace in Nature – Alex, Understory

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Episode 56 is with Wicklow-based ecologist Alex Konieczka. One of her many ventures is Understory, a truly zerowaste business where she sells upcycled terrariums among other things. You can follow her on Instagram @understory_ie to keep up to date with the pieces she creates and foraging excursions she plans, or reach out to her via e-mail on alex@understory.ie.

  • [03:45] An intro from Alex and her relationship with nature.
  • [09:55] When the issue of climate change dawned on Alex.
  • [13:05] The work of Understory.
  • [21:45] How she got into foraging.
  • [24:05] Her journey to veganism
  • [26:05] Climate justice project with Eco Unesco.
  • [24:15] Community work & asking the council for help.
  • [35:25] Random questions!

Click here for a resource pack Alex made on contacting your council for help!


Ep 55. Climate Action Community & Communication – Gary, Climate Ambassador Programme

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Gary Tyrrell works for An Taisce's educational unit as part of the Climate Ambassador Programme. You'll have heard me chat about this programme over the past year as it's one I was accepted onto myself, plus I interviewed a few ambassadors from it! They open applications for the following year usually every September so make sure to check out their website if you're interested in taking part (click here for their application page).

You can stay up to date of various talks and workshops by signing up to their newsletter here or following them on Twitter @climate_ambass, Facebook or Instagram @climateambassador too. Watch back their online events on their YouTube and check out their podcast!


We chatted about:

  • [04:45] A bit about Gary & his climate activism journey.
  • [10:35] What the CA Programme is.
  • [16:25] Examples & statistics of events held.
  • [20:50] How to apply to be a CA.
  • [24:35] What Gary's journey to veganism was like.
  • [29:15] Tips for communicating the climate crisis.
  • [37:00] Random questions!

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