Ep 52. Let’s Talk Trees – Orla Ní Dhúill, Native Woodland Trust

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I can't believe it's taken me until episode 52 to dedicate an interview to trees! Shocking behaviour, but this lovely chat with Orla makes up for it. You can follow Orla on Twitter @NaturallyOrla & don't forget to listen to her podcast The Broad Leaf! You can find out more about The Native Woodland Trust on their website and stay up to date with them on Twitter @NativeWoodTrust.

  • [04:10] An intro from Orla and her journey to working with woodlands.
  • [09:15] Who The Native Woodland Trust are and what they do.
  • [11:20] How people can get involved.
  • [14:15] Finding local seeds and where to plant (or IF to plant!).
  • [24:15] The new 'Robot Trees' built in Cork.
  • [30:55] Ireland’s historic foresty & 'ancient' woodlands.
  • [37:55] Systemic changes that need to happen to help preserve & restore woodland in Ireland & how farmers/land owners can benefit.
  • [41:50] CAP.
  • [44:30] Random questions!

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