Ep 51. Supporting Theatre to Inspire Climate Action – Eva O’Connor & Hildegard Ryan

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In episode 51 I chatted to artists Eva O'Connor and Hildegard Ryan about using the world of theatre to spark discussion and inspire change. Their theatre company, Sunday's Child, has a play called Afloat, streaming all this month (August 2021) as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I'd advise you to support it and hopefully this discussion will inspire you to make more art, or bring more art into your life!

  • [04:00] A bit about Eva & Hilde and what sparked their eco-consciousness.
  • [08:20] Their journey to veganism.
  • [11:40] What Afloat is about.
  • [13:20] Stand-out climate facts found in researching the play.
  • [21:45] A piece of art that moved them.
  • [26:00] Other swaps to be eco conscious & how they manage their climate anxiety.
  • [29:00] Random questions.


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