Ep 49. Community Ownership of Renewable Energy – Sarah Fogarty, Community Power

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For episode 49 I chatted to Sarah Fogarty from Community Power about community-led renewable energy sources. The work this group has done has laid the groundwork to make it easier for communities across Ireland to build and set up their own own grids. It's stellar! I hope you enjoy this solution-based chat:

  • [04:10] Current fossil fuel usage and cons and pros not mentioned in the interview.
  • [08:30] Pros & cons of renewables.
  • [10:15] Nuclear power.
  • [13:20] Sarah's introduction and background.
  • [21:15] Renewable & Non-renewable definitions.
  • [25:30] What is Community Power & how did they start?
  • [30:45] Can people in rented accommodation make the switch?
  • [32:40] What can these 5ghz of wind turbines generate?
  • [36:45] The attitude of not liking them & how community ownership benefits
  • [40:30] The environmental benefits & cons
  • [48:40] What needs to be done to achieve a system change that would allow for the growth and accessibility of renewable energy.

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