Ep 43. It’s a Fashion Revolution – Carrie Ann Moran

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Season 3 is starting as I mean to go on - via revolution! Episode 43 shines a light on the social issues behind the clothes we wear, and the power of numbers. Numbers of people, that is. Not to forget, Fashion Revolution week is one week a year, but the fashion revolution exists every time you get dressed or walk into a clothing store. Have a listen and enjoy!

We chatted:

  • [06:30] A bit about Carrie Ann & her journey to being eco-concious.
  • [11:00] What made her switch careers.
  • [15:30] What is Fashion Revolution?
  • [21:00] What kind of events will be on & how can people take part?
  • [27:00] The changes we are seeing in the fashion industry.
  • [30:00] Transparency, what it means and what we're looking for.
  • [33:30] The changes we've seen in Ireland and our issue with textile recycling.
  • [36:00] Should we be boycotting?
  • [39:00] Carrie Ann's general tips for a more sustainable and just wardrobe.
  • [45:00] Random questions!

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