Ep 36. Reusing, Repairing & Reducing Waste – Pauline, MyWaste.ie

Pauline McDonogh is the Prevention Officer for the Southern Region Waste Management Office. She is an Environmental Scientist with over 25 years experience in environmental auditing and waste management. She also set up MyWaste.ie, an amazing online resource for finding out how to dispose of our waste in Ireland. This episode, I chat to her about their upcoming campaign: Reuse Month. Find out more about it in the episode!


We cover:

  • (03:45) An introduction to Pauline's role and the Southern Waste Management Office.
  • (05:20) A circular Vs linear economy.
  • (08:50) The Irish figures of recycling, composting and how they can be improved.
  • (11:00) The green economy: how jobs can be created.
  • (12:20) Reuse Month, what it's all about.
  • (15:40) What events will be happening.
  • (18:35) Foodwaste in Ireland.
  • (20:15) How their upcycle challenge will work.
  • (23:45) What MyWaste.ie is (Hint: it's super great!).
  • (27:05) Pauline's personal tips for people trying to tread lighter on the planet.

Also Mentioned:

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