Ep 53. The Power of Swapping Disposable Cups – Sorcha, Conscious Cup Campaign

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For episode 53 I go back to the basics of environmental issues and talk about the infamous single use polluter: disposable coffee cups. For this, there's none other to talk to other than Sorcha Kavanagh from The Conscious Cup Campaign. This is a programme not just encouraging individuals to bring a reuseable cup, but encouraging cafés and businesses to drive the change forward and lead by example. Follow the Conscious Cup Campaign on Twitter @CCCampaign_Irl or Instagram @consciouscupcampaign.

We cover a lot, including:

  • [05:10] How the Conscious Cup Campaign started.
  • [08:20] Sorcha’s personal journey to being eco-conscious.
  • [11:50] Disposable cup statistics in Ireland.
  • [16:25] Where we currently stand regarding reuseable cups and COVID.
  • [21:45] Advice for customers on how to encourage cafés they frequent to join the campaign.
  • [28:00] Are compostable cups much better?
  • [31:55] In the grand scheme of the climate crisis, is having a reuseable cup really going to solve things?
  • [35:10] Reuseable cup brand/type favourites.
  • [37:30] Lucy O'Sullivan's 2.4km cycle for Jigsaw & The Conscious Cup Campaign along the Wild Atlantic Way Cycle. Click this link to donate!

Also mentioned:

Examples of cafés currently accepting reuseables (and many small, independent cafés are too!):

  • Starbucks
  • Sprout
  • Costa
  • Lolly & Cooks
  • Butlers

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